After a 10 year hiatus, the Portage la Prairie Rotary Club brought back Lobsterfest this past weekend. The Saturday night event was attended by just under 200 people and created quite the buzz with its lively atmosphere along with the joy of indulging in fresh lobster flown in from the East coast with melted butter.

Sherrie Palmer is the president of the club and says the event went off well.

“Everybody is really happy with it and the energy in the room was great,” Palmer notes. “We plan on hopefully continuing it. It's lobster with melted butter, what could be better?”

Behind the scenes, a dedicated committee worked tirelessly on the pre-event details, but the actual execution involved a team of 25 to 30, comprising both Rotary and non-Rotary members. The community's support was pivotal, not only for fostering enjoyment but also for fundraising. Palmer speaks to this aspect of the event.

“This is a fundraiser, first and foremost,” Palmer explains. “We want people to come out and enjoy themselves, enjoy the lobster and have a good time. But, it is a fundraiser and it's a special one for us because this year we are working on our $50,000 commitment to the North End Skate Park. We really appreciate everyone in the community who came out and helped us meet that goal.”

Looking forward, Palmer hinted at the possibility of making Lobsterfest a regular occurrence, possibly every two years to keep things exciting.  

The Lobsterfest success adds to the Rotary Club's list of achievements this year, and they are gearing up for the Santa Claus parade December 1st, one of the next big things they are involved with.