While the number of permits the city has approved this past year has only risen a bit, their value has grown quite dramatically.

In the Portage la Prairie Planning District's combined September totals, which includes both the city and Rural Municipality's permits, 23 permits were handed out, valued at $11,349,000.

Year-to-date, there have been 213 permits worth $82,039,000. In 2022 year-to-date, there were 208 permits, but they amounted to at $54,891,000.

The most valuable permit category in September was commercial repairs, with four permits valued at $5,013,000. A farm repair permit, however, was the single-most expensive permit, being worth $5,000,000.

One new single residential permit was approved, as well as seven residential repairing permits. Nine new miscellaneous permits were approved in September, yet they hold no value. Eight of them were for plumbing and one was for moving.

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