A makeover has taken place at the Homestead Co-op Portage Food Store.

Renovations have been completed at the store, updating some dated areas of the store.

Produce Manager Christine Dack says you can notice the differences when you enter the building.

"I think the biggest thing is going to be the floor," explains Dack. "People used to complain that the tile floor was really loud. We now have vinyl flooring. It's beautiful, and it's quiet, so the whole store just feels a lot quieter and cleaner."

Other notable changes include new refrigerator systems and ovens, self-checkouts, and a new floral cooler.

To celebrate the successful renovations, shoppers entered a draw to partake in a 60-second mad dash, where shoppers could get anything they could fit in their cart in a minute for free, except fresh meat. 

Kathi Ryshak.Kathi Ryshak.

Kathi Ryshak, one of the contest winners, says she started scoping out the store to find the perfect route so she wouldn't be disappointed when she finished her run.

"I was looking at olive oil and I saw that it was $53, I thought that would add up quick," notes Ryshak. "Then I went to get the shrimp."

After her minute was up, Ryshak finished with $400 worth of groceries and a $200 gift card.