With the weather being much nicer this time of year, many Portagers are taking advantage of it and doing many outdoor activities. However, with their seeding season on the horizon, farmers are particularly motivated to make the most of these favourable conditions. 

If utilized well, these conditions could potentially lead to a bountiful harvest, filling the farmers with optimism for the upcoming season. 

Lorne Hulme, who farms south of Macgregor, says that this year's weather will help the next farming season. 

"Seeding by the middle of April, especially for cereal grains, is a strategy that has proven successful. It not only ensures a good harvest but also eases the process. So, if we can start seeding within the next week or two, it would be beneficial for most of us."

Hulme says they farm a little of everything, including wheat, barley, oats, canola, corn, soybeans, and edible beans. 

"Everything looks like we'll be able to start early this year right now, but the weather can turn around on us, and we can all be sitting here two weeks from now doing nothing." The farmer continues, "The weather basically controls our lives from springtime until the crops go off in the fall, and we just have to work with whatever Mother Nature sends our way."

He says that the winter weather can play a huge factor in affecting how the spring harvest goes. 

"We had quite a minimal amount of moisture all winter. So we are on the dry side. I know the weather; the long-term weather forecast is forecasting rain and snow for a week from now. So, we'll have to wait and see if that does actually appear or not. But, at present, like it is drying up, we've had some warm winds here in the last few days, and that's thankfully bringing the frost out of the field."

Hulme is excited about the seeding and harvests ahead and wishes all other farmers happy and healthy crops this season.