It was an afternoon filled with excitement at the Herman Prior Activity Centre as they hosted their 4th Annual Car Hop fundraiser.  Kathy Bryce, the Executive Director of the Centre, shared the details. 

“We're always fundraising for the many different projects we have happening around here.” Bryce said, “There are vintage cars, live entertainment and food. There is a lot happening here.”  

Guests had two delicious choices: stay in their cars for the car hop service, where they could order and have food delivered to them, or step inside for good company and a meal while enjoying the live entertainment. 

This year, the event teamed up for the second time with the Sunset Palliative Care team, adding even more significance to the day. Attendees could snag tickets for the Rainbow Walks while checking out prizes up for grabs. 

The money raised from this cheerful event goes into improving the center's spaces, Kathy explains. 

“We will be putting the money towards many different smaller projects that we have going on here.” Bryce said, “We have a lot of indoor and outdoor upgrades that we're going to be doing with signage and adding a new sign out there once the once the painting is done that the city has contracted.” 

The 4th Annual Car Hop fundraiser was a prime example of people coming together for something meaningful. Vintage cars, live music, and great food all mixed in for a fantastic time. With the funds raised, the center is ready to dive into various projects that will make their community hub even better.