The Lions Prairie Manor annual planting day was Wednesday of this week as residents and staff were outside planting gardens around the facility. 

Recreation Manager Corrine Pratt says they go an a large shopping spree for flowers, and she's excited so many residents were involved this year. She notes Sharon Ferguson was one of them who says she had a good time 'playing in the dirt.'

SharonSharon Ferguson

"But actually we're getting things in, making it go so that it's in the right spot at the right time, and it'll look very nice in the summer."

Pratt says Sharon is new to the Manor and is an avid gardener. 

"When it was time to plant, we knew Sharon was our gal to give us a hand." 

Pratt adds they planted petunias, which was the hardest job putting them in the soil along the sidewalk.

"We did the Wave Petunias as well out in our planters and some spikes and a variety of other trailing things like bacopa, and lots of nice greenery out there." 

Ferguson adds what she enjoys most about gardening.

"Well, just being out like being as a kid. We lived on a farm and I loved doing that with my mom. It's justnice to be out in the country, and here is like in the country."

Bob Horning was also involved with covering the plants up with dirt and watering them. 

"I was mostly putting the water on them. That was the easy part. No bending over; just the watering can."

Bob & CorrineBob Horning and Corrine Pratt

He adds its something to do and laughs, saying, there's nothing to do inside. 

"I just love getting outside. I've been outside all my life, so I just got to get out. That's all. I worked for Hydro, so I was outside all the time; summer, winter -- whatever -- rain or shine."

Pratt adds they aim to involve the residents as much as they can with their planting because they've all done it their entire lives.

"They got lots of great wisdom and experience to share with us."