A rainfall warning has been issued for the Portage la Prairie, Headingley, Brunkild and Carman areas on Thursday, and it is expected to last until Saturday afternoon.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) meteorologist Natalie Hasell says this will be an extended period of showers.

"We're expecting the rain to start late Thursday, probably around midnight or just after in Portage. 5 to 10 mm Thursday and then 15 to 25 mm overnight. The rain continues Friday night and into Saturday morning."

She adds that this weather event will affect a good chunk of southern Manitoba.

"We're also looking at some strong winds, 60 kilometres an hour, most likely Friday and Saturday. We're not talking about warning criteria winds, of course, but this could be problematic in combination with a lot of rain."

Hasel notes that totals for this storm could end up somewhere around 50 to 60 mm, with the potential for localized flooding, particularly in low-lying areas.

"If you come upon a road that is covered in water, the suggestion is not to drive through it. You can't see what's happening underneath. There could be a sinkhole, as we have seen in other parts of southern Manitoba in the last while."

ECCC states that the low-pressure system is tracking northwards from the Dakotas.

Hasel says this should be treated like any other weather event for motorists, where you should slow down, leave a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you, prepare a safety kit and have a charged phone.

"Pay attention to how people are driving around you, and hopefully, everyone will be doing well."