The Family Resource Centre got their money's worth from Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Week!

Executive Director Melissa Morrison and Program Director Peter Thiessen accepted a cheque for $16,211 toward their programming. Morrison emphasizes how thankful they are for the donation.

"We're super grateful to the community, to Tim Horton's and the Kent family for choosing us, but also supporting us by buying so many cookies."

Thiessen adds that he feels the benefits of the funds raised are also a good thing for the community as a whole.

"For us, it will be a huge help in allowing us to keep running our programs for families. All the programs we run at the FRC's main building, as well as our outreach centre, are free, so, obviously we're not making any money while we're running them. So, getting a fundraiser like this, a tremendous gift from an organization like Tim Horton's, that goes a long, long way in helping us to offer these free resources, keeping them accessible to the community that we love and want to support."

He notes that he really enjoyed his role, getting out to 26 classrooms and 3 daycares over the course of the week.