As the William Glesby Centre prepares to celebrate 25 years in 2023, they are beginning to get all their ducks in a row to put on a 25th-anniversary talent show.

Executive Director for the theatre, Stefanie Dunn, says she is very excited to help put on this talent show in May of 2023.

"We want obscure talents," says Dunn. "Singers, dancers, gymnasts, athletes, instrumentalists and DJs. We're really keeping it quite open about the definition of talent, so we're excited to give people a chance to be on our stage."

Dunn points out that this will be a separate competition from the Manitoba Country Voice Talent Search, which will take place in March of 2023.

"The winner of the talent show will be awarded some prize money, and of course, they will have the honour of being the winner of the 25th-anniversary talent show."

The Director notes that the application process will start six weeks before May 15th. From there, a panel of impartial judges will slowly whittle down the auditions, while also breaking them into separate categories.

"Then those categories will perform in front of a live audience, and the audience will have the final say on who the winner is."

She says this anniversary is special to her personally as it brings her back to the good old days when the theatre first opened.

"I remember when the Glesby Centre opened, as a young performers, we were so excited to be able to experience what it was like to perform on a professional quality stage."

Dunn adds that she encourages everyone to at least apply to be considered for an audition.

"I think there's a ton of talent in Portage, and there's a wide variety of talent in Portage. We're really looking for people to show us that variety," concludes Dunn.

The William Glesby Centre says more details will be available in 2023.