As February has come and gone, so has another 'I Love to Read Month' in Portage la Prairie.

At the beginning of the month, Fort la Reine School staff dared their students to try and collectively read 60,000 minutes worth of literature in the 28 days that make up the month.

In return, students would receive a school-wide reward if they hit that 60,000 minutes read benchmark.

Principal Matt Harkness expresses that he is very proud of his school as not only did they reach that goal, the kids blew it out of the water, reaching 81,709 minutes.

"It shows that we (as a school) are able to make goals and then achieve them, and it's great to see our students doing that," adds the Principal.

Harkness explains that this 'I Love to Read Month' should display how vital reading is and how pupils should not only be focusing on it throughout February but every day as well.

"It is very beneficial to them to be lifelong readers," notes Harkness.

Fort la Reine students will now vote on their school-wide reward, class by class. From there, the school will decide on the prize as a democracy and have it sorted out by the end of March.