The local forecast has seen a couple of days of rain turn into multiple days almost overnight, though most farmers in the area aren't complaining.

Mark Matyasovszky's family farms and ranches south of Portage la Prairie, and says the weather has certainly done them some favours this spring.

"For the most part, pastures and hay ground are going to benefit the most from it. As far as crop planting progress, it's going to set us back a little bit again, but after the winds we had on the weekend, some areas, it's going to really soak in and help out with some even germination and get things rolling."

Matyasovszky adds that, with their cattle, seeing the fields turn green is an important step at this time of year.

"We calf out about 220 cows, and we usually start in February. So, now the calves have some good size to them, and they're going to be looking for grass."

He adds that due to the rain we are getting, drier conditions would be favourable to finish planting.

"For the most part now, it can stop raining, so guys can get back in there and we can get the crops in, and then look into spraying."

Though they would appreciate an end to the rain, it remains in the forecast until the weekend.