On April 4, 2024, Agassiz MLA Jodie Byram delivered a Private Member’s statement to honour the volunteer work of RM of North Norfolk resident Lori Enns. Lori's parents, a friend, and volunteer Carla Hemingway attended with her. 

Enns volunteers many hours at Austin MCC thrift store. She and the other volunteers receive, sort, and organize donations and she volunteers for Operation Christmas Child. 


Byram's speech went as follows:

"Although Lori spends time volunteering at the thrift store, she also invests an incredible amount of time making items for shoe boxes to send to those in need. She and her mom make dresses and feminine hygiene products for the boxes.” School supplies and stuffies are also added before they go to Calgary for processing.

"Lori has been to Calgary 7 times to help in the processing centre where over 400,000 boxes were processed this year. Over 1000 new churches were started through Operation Christmas Child.

"Lori’s passion and enthusiasm go all year! She really appreciates her family and friends who also support her passion for the gift of time and materials.

"On behalf of the Manitoba Legislature, I want to thank you, Lori, for donation of time and energy for the benefit of those less fortunate. Your efforts and dedication are touching the lives of many and making a difference in our great world."

Enns shares the experience of visiting the Legislative Assembly and receiving this honour.

She packed 210 shoeboxes for children overseas to receive Christmas presents last year. Enns says it was an eye opener to see the Legislative Assembly operates. 

"The only thing I could do was stand up when the speech was done. Then they clapped for me and I stood up. Otherwise, we have to be totally quiet. We could not clap. We could not cheer." 

enns 2Jodie Byram and Lori Enns

Enns says the Member's Statements were read first when the Assembly opened, and each one, including that about herself, lasts two minutes. 

"We had the choice and could sit through the rest of the assembly procedure. We toured the building and it was just in the main area because we didn't have proper time to do more. We were there earlier, so according to that, we would have had time to do it, but the lady that Jody had sent down to us only came at 1:00. Then you have to be in the Gallery for 1:30. It was nice to see all of that and then to be in the Gallery and see how things operate. It was definitely an experience, that's for sure."

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She says her number for packing shoeboxes this year so far is 105, noting that's fairly good for this time of year.

"I'm happy with my number right now. I'm shooting for the 200 mark again. But I guess we all see if God provides the funds. Every shoe box is a gospel opportunity. I am doing shoeboxes to help spread the gospel; trying to reach others for Christ. And we can't push it on people, and get a number of how many were contacted. I don't want to push shoeboxes, either, but it's interesting to see who honestly accepts Christ."

Enns adds her first year to take a trip to Calgary's shipping depot was in 2014, and hasn't gone since every year, but has paid a visit seven times. 

"I just fell in love with it. Before I went to Calgary, I packed a few shoeboxes with minor involvement. The church I was involved with gave a list and I took what was on the list and packed some boxes. I wanted the connection of putting my boxes in by visiting Calgary where the depot is to ship them overseas."