One group was downtown in Portage la Prairie showing off signs ahead of next month's election to create conversation about making sure everyone can vote.

Manager of St. Amant Research Centre in Winnipeg, Lindsay McCombe, says there were rallies all over Manitoba Tuesday as part of a provincial awareness campaign, and she was part of the team who wanted to come to Portage.

"A fully and accessible Manitoba is important, and we're here to raise awareness about Disability Matters Vote," says McCombe. "It's so exciting. I never thought, as an adult, it would be so thrilling to get vehicles to honk. It's absolutely exhilarating."

There are five priority issues for the election that the group wants to talk about. McCombe says it starts with an accessible Manitoba, but it doesn't end there.

"Unlocking the employment potential in Manitobans with disabilities and the investment in a skilled workforce," continues McCombe. "So, that all Manitobans, who require support from disability support workers, have qualified and well-trained staff members in order to help them live their best."

McCombe also wants to see more services and resources available, as well as basic needs.

You can read more about Disability Matters here.


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