A hefty and much-appreciated donation was recently made to the Koko Platz new construction project for its community club. 

Club board member Adrienne Matthews-McCulley says McCain Foundation gave them $50,000 bringing them a step closer to their rebuild fundraising project.

"McCain Foundation will be a legacy sponsor for this new project with this recent donation," she says. "This is a tremendous donation, and as part of that, they will receive some recognition of signage on the outside of the new building once it's built, indicating that the building has been sponsored by the McCain Foundation." 

She says the support, noting McCain has been a long-standing sponsor of their community clubs throughout all their years of operation. Matthews-McCulley explains plenty of McCain staff members have volunteered with the club as part of a great partnership.

"It will still be the Koko Platz Community Club, but then underneath, it would say, 'Sponsored by the McCain Foundation.' Again, we don't have anything, obviously finalized, but it's not to rename the community club. It's just to give the recognition that the building is sponsored by McCain Foundation." 

She notes the hope is to see the structure operational by the winter of 2024, depending on access to trades and finishing their final fundraising campaign. Matthews-McCulley notes costs keep rising and the price tag is more than they originally anticipated. However, the $50,000 certainly helps catapult them very close to their targets.

"To date, we've raised about $411,000 including this, but originally, our plan was $500,000, but we're going to need more than that," adds Matthews=McCulley. "So, we're continuing to push full-speed ahead with that."


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