A 33-year-old woman from Long Plain First Nation is facing charges after threatening and proceeding to spit on officers.

Portage la Prairie RCMP were called to a dispute on 18th Street Northwest around 12:45 a.m. on September 14th. A woman fled from a home, as it was determined she was breaching conditions. An officer chased and arrested her.

According to the RCMP, she became very aggressive as she was placed in the back of the police vehicle. She claimed to have a communicable disease and threatened to spit on the officers. She then attempted to follow through on her threat.

As a result, she is charged with two counts of Uttering Threat to Cause Bodily Harm and two counts of Failure to Comply. She was remanded into custody.

A statement from Inspector Paul Peddle, officer in charge of Portage la Prairie RCMP: "Our officers face dangerous situations every day while doing their job. One might not immediately think of spitting as a danger faced by officers, but it is, as they often have to come into very close contact with suspects and the health of officers can be very much at risk. In this case, the suspect clearly stated she had a communicable disease and proceeded to spit at the officers. The charge associated with her actions reflects that we take this type of threat to officer safety very seriously."


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