Three Community Safety Officers visited the North Memorial School gymnasium on Thursday to speak with students.

The officers spoke about bike safety and other general topics so students could better understand their role in the community.

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Gurneet Jawanda was one of the officers presenting and says this is the right age to engage with these children so they better understand law enforcement, even if they confuse their position with police officers.

"They had some questions for us like, 'Do we like Donuts,' " she laughs. "We're trying to build trust with the kids so they can just come to us anytime if they have trouble."

Jawanda says they stressed the importance of wearing a helmet, knowing where to be on the road when riding your bike, and registering your bike in case it gets stolen.

"It was really fun to have a chat with the kids," she smiled.

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The Community Safety Officers also spoke with La Verendrye, Yellowquill and Fort la Reine students at different times throughout the week.

North Memorial Principal Valerie Smith knows that this was a valuable presentation for the students to hear,

"Bikes are a hot commodity, and everybody here wants to bring their bike to school."

The Principal explains that there are specific rules for bringing your bike to school, the most important being that you need to wear a helmet and have a lock.

"The student learned so much more from the community officers. I also think they're very important to our community because they are just another safe and caring adult that can help the students when school is out."

These types of presentations for students are just one part of the school's identity, according to Smith.

"We teach the kids how to be a respectful and responsible grizzly bear because that's what we are at North Memorial School."

Carson, a Grade 4 student who brought his bike to school for the first time this year on Thursday, says he learned some valuable lessons from the presentation.

file photoNorth Memorial School Principal Val Smith and Carson, a Grade 4 student.

"They told us that you have to have certain things like a bell, which I don't have right now because it doesn't fit. Also, they said you should have lights on your bike, wear colourful clothes, and always wear a helmet."

Bike Week took place in the City of Portage la Prairie from May 25 - May 31.