As Summer is inching closer, Rotary exchange student Mykola got the opportunity to see more of what the Great (not so) White North has to offer.

He travelled to Alberta to visit the mountains and do some whitewater rafting. On top of getting these experiences, he also met other Rotary exchange students from three different continents.

Mykola.Mykola telling stories about his trip to the Portage Rotary Club.

"It's really interesting when you meet other students from different countries because the cultures are totally different," notes Mykola. "I met six other students from Belgium, Norway, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela, and Thailand."

Mykola adds that when he first arrived in Canada, while excited, he expected a lot of his time to be filled with schoolwork, with any free time being spent with the same groups in the Portage area. Looking back on his journey so far, he says it's been a much bigger trip than he anticipated.

"I think the biggest thing left on my to-do list is to have a canoeing and fishing trip," says Mykola. "The other students and I will meet up again this Summer. It will be the last meeting for us this year. I really didn't expect all this."

On top of his canoeing trip, he's also hoping to take a tour of Southport and maybe take a flight if possible.