Thanks to the extreme generosity shown by the late Bill Radford, the Community Foundation of Portage and District (CFPD) is approaching $12 million in its endowment fund.

William "Bill" Stanley Radford passed away last July and named CFPD as a beneficiary of his estate. As a result, $350,000 goes into their fund, which will see at least another $17,500 granted back into the community annually. CFPD Executive Director Kimberley Lavallee says the MacGregor resident was a longtime community supporter and his support will continue for a long time.

"With his donation, there were three funds set up -- The Bill Radford Fund and then he loved math and science," continues Lavallee. "He wanted student bursaries set up. One is called the Radford Award for Math and the other one is the Radford Award for Science. So, those two bursaries will go to a Portage and area student every year."

Radford's gift brings CFPD to within approximately $8,000 of their goal.

"Our goal was to reach $12 million by September, and I think we're on track with that," says Lavallee. "I'm hoping that this will inspire other people to donate. It goes a long way in saying how generous the community is, and how much they like to see the help that we do provide through our granting."