The annual Chance 2 Camp Barbecue fundraiser for Child and Family Services in Portage la Prairie is yet another event that was postponed for two years by the pandemic. They held it this past Thursday. It's to help families send their kids to summer camps who need that extra money. It's usually held in June, but they ensured it would not be missed.

Child and Family Services representative Rod Sveistrup says it's one of their main efforts to help youth every year.

"I think we're happy that this was a start to get back into the flow of things again. Turn-out was good enough for us to make some money, and next year, we'll ramp it up again and, hopefully, people remember us for next year." 

He notes the kids have plenty of activities and, depending on the camp, new skills are learned including crafts and canoeing.

"One of the best things is that they get an opportunity to meet new people and new friends," continues Sveistrup. "They always look forward to doing it again the following year. There's anywhere from five to ten camps that are accredited by the province. We only use accredited camps. The family will decide, based on past years where they've gone, what camp they want to go to. Then we pay for the camp."

Sveistrup says they're shooting for June next year to be back on track with the usual date.