The Portage Learning and Literacy Centre (PLLC) and Prairie City Cinema are giving new Portage la Prairie youth a chance to showcase their stories on the big screen.

Miriam Ghitale, PLLC Settlement Coordinator, says this film will be free to come and watch and will highlight migration stories from kids involved with the PLLC.

"We'd really like the public to attend because one of the main purposes of doing this film is to help educate the public on, first of all, who's in our community and their experiences."

Ghitale explains that kids from the Philippines, Nigeria, Ukraine, India and all over will be shown in this outing.

"We know that everybody's journey to Canada or throughout life is unique, and often we hear the perspective of the adults. So, this is a number of youths that we've brought together to tell their stories, and those perspectives are quite a bit different than the adults. It's kind of neat to hear their side."

Ghitale notes that these kids have been working hard on this project to enlighten Portagers on their journeys.

"I hope that people will attend, and they'll just get a different perspective and a different view on what people in our community have gone through and are going through," she continues. "I mean, we see people every day and have no idea how far they've come and what they've been through."

This event is free admission, doors will open tonight, February 8th, at 6 p.m., and the film starts at 6:30.