Tillie Botterill and Brooklyn Sawchuk are friends who graduated this week from Portage Collegiate Institute. PortageOnline happened to come across a wonderful meeting while interviewing them.

Both students had wanted to thank one of their teachers from six years ago who taught them while at Oakville School. That person, Doug Kruk, is now employed at Yellowquill School teaching Grade 5.  The two students paid a visit to the school’s first  Powwow celebration so they could get a chance to say hello and thanks.

“We went to Oakville Tuesday morning and visited everybody there. Next, we were we off to find one of our teachers that taught us in Oakville but wasn't there anymore,” said Botterill.

Sawchuk added, “I went to Oakville School with Tillie. To know I’m graduating is great, but also a bit stressful. We just wanted to find Mr. Kruk but we didn't actually know this (powwow) was going on.”

As the interview was being conducted, Kruk happened to see them and came over to offer congratulations and it was obvious he remembered the students as he confirmed who they were.

“Oh, Wow, it's so good to see you guys,” noted Kruk while Sawchuk commented they wanted to get a picture.

“I would love to give you guys a picture,” responded Kruk.

Kruk was appreciative about the meeting.

“I used to teach them in Grade 6. How flattering is this? They're graduating high school and they remember me from Grade 6! Of course, we’ll get pictures.”

PCI Grad events happened Wednesday at Stride Place.