Four Crescentview School students took to the University of Manitoba's (U of M) track on June 13 for a provincial track meet against Manitoba's best.


  • Marina Gladue: 8th place in 80 m Hurdles & 4th place in the 800 m  
  • Atavia McLean: 9th place in Discus 
  • Gage Brennan: 13th place in Triple Jump & 23rd in Long Jump 
  • Rowen Mulvey: 1st place in the 100 m, 1st place in the 300 m and 1st place in High Jump

The students found themselves in front of a microphone for PortageOnline to discuss the afternoon in Winnipeg.

Gage is a multisport athlete and said that prepared him for his events.

"I play hockey, so we do a lot of leg workouts, and I'm a jumper, so it helps," he continued. "it was a nice track at the U of M, and when we got there, it was pretty scary because there is a lot of big kids who looked like they're a lot better than you. But when you got there, you realized you could keep up with them."

Marina put in a lot of practice and was proud of how things turned out for her.

"It was exciting to go, and I was nervous, really nervous."

Rowen took home three 1st place medals but remained humble through it all.

"It was pretty exciting, and I did well," she smiled. "I thought it was pretty cool and exciting for me to do it."

Rowen noted that she looks forward to continuing her track and field career next year.

file photoRowen Mulvey.

"It was a pretty cool chance to go to provincials, and I thought it was really nice," said Rowen.

Atavia highlighted that she was excited to get the chance to put her practice to the test.

"We worked a lot on discus during school hours mainly because that was my main event, and then I did a lot of outside work with my parents. We went to the Yellowquill track when we borrowed a discus from here to practice."

Atavia noted she was proud of her peers while watching them thrive in their events.

Physical Education Teacher Brett Janz said he was very proud of the group.

"They did well at the divisional track meet in Portage here. So, I sent the ones that did well in their events here, to provincials in Winnipeg," continued Janz. "They went to a big U of M track, and when you're used to the Yellowquill track, it's a little bit of a new experience for them, but they all did awesome."