The MacGregor Fire Department had an early wake-up call Thursday due to a vehicle blaze in the Municipality of North Norfolk.

Chief Chris Leckie says crew members responded to a burning truck at 4:38 a.m. down a gravel road in their area.

"There was a vehicle fire just in the municipality on the eastern side of our district area," he continued. "When we arrived on the scene, we extinguished the fire and are now back in service."

file photoChief Chris Leckie

Leckie adds that depending on the size of the vehicle fire they're putting out, it should only take a few minutes before it is all under control. However, he notes that crews must watch the landscape around the vehicle to see if they have to put out any grass fires from the original fire.

"There was nothing left of the truck to show when we were finished. But it was pretty much fully engulfed in flames there at one point before it was extinguished. "

The Fire Chief says no injuries were reported, and Mounties were on the scene investigating the case further.