A women's cultural group started up this year in Portage la Prairie. Jeanna Emms is Employment and Training Consultant at Portage Friendship Centre (PFC). She notes part of that group is their Happy Eagle Singers and drum group. 

Emms says she approached their Knowledge Keeper and raised the idea of a cultural group earlier in the year, and he told her to go ahead and start it.

"A week later, we had our first meeting, and from that came the drum group," continues Emms. "We meet every Tuesday night here (at PFC) as a group of ladies. We talk about our culture, and we learn new songs when we're singing. We're singing to heal the community, ourselves, and our families. It's something we really enjoy doing."

She says they took part in the Grandmothers Walk this year and the Sisters in Spirit Walk. Emms notes they'll be performing for the first time at the Elder's Christmas Dinner on Thursday, December 14th (today).

"I hesitate to use that word 'performance' because it's sharing," explains Emms. "We're going to be singing for our elders. We're pretty excited about that." 


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