The Portage Regional Library played host to a coffee-and-tea-themed event on last week for Winterfest in Portage la Prairie.

Four different nations were represented, and five different drinks were available. There were two types of tea from India made with cardamom, a rice coffee from the Philippines, coffee from the Dominican Republic and hot chocolate from Mexico.

Miriam Ghitale, Settlement Coordinator with the Portage Learning & Literacy Centre, told PortageOnline about the event.

"We are working with the Library and a number of volunteers to have different hot beverages, appropriately for the weather, from around the world. Just some tastes, everyone has their own way of doing things, and so we want to show that."

Rajiv Patel brought the teas and says he enjoyed trying all the different drinks that were served.

"Everyone has different tastes and a different way of making (their drinks). It's really good to know the way they make it. The different taste and everything is good."

Winterfest concluded on Friday with a swimming event at Stride Place. The event also included a movie night at Prairie City Cinema and virtual bingo.