The past 24 hours have been quite windy in and around Portage la Prairie and with colder weather coming on the heels of some rainy and wet conditions, it's not surprising things are icy in the region. Conditions like this can also wreak havoc on power lines and many started the day with no power.

While the lights stayed on for most of the City of Portage through the morning, power was out briefly for a good part of the city in the 10 a.m. hour. Close to 1700 customers just outside of the city woke up without power but it was restored a few hours later. For roughly 60 customers in the High Bluff area, the power was off for about 6 hours until coming back on at 10:30 a.m.

While power has been restored to most areas that were without early in the day, new power outages are being reported on and off all around the city. Manitoba Hydro is dealing with the problems quickly as they come up.

With the icy conditions expected, the Portage School Division proactively cancelled all buses for Friday on Thursday while the Pine Creek School Division closed all schools for the day.

road reports and cancellations here

outagesthe power was out for even more customers earlier this morning