It's March Madness and people have bracket fever. So we decided to join in the fun.

As the snow and ice slowly melt, Island Park will once again become a hub of activity over the summer months. One of the main events will be the 150th celebration of the Portage Ex! Now let's pretend money was not a factor and you could book your favourite country singer or band to perform. Who would it be?

We know there should be more than 16 choices, but in the interest of time, we've narrowed it down to some of the best since the early 90s. Each day, two will go head to head until there is only one left. And that person or band will be crowned Portageonline's favourite, as voted on by you - the listeners of our stations and the readers of this page.


Round 2 is underway and we are down to some pretty good entertainers - so picking one will be tough. Today, would you choose Tim McGraw or Luke Bryan? Vote now and help us decide the eventual winner of it all. Check back tomorrow to see who wins and to participate in the next vote....