A new website focused on showcasing Westpark School's strengths has been unveiled.

Principal Lydia Stoesz says this project was taken on by the parent advisory council last year. Now that the website is fully operational, she loves how families will be able to see what separates Westpark from other schools.

"They dove in to have one-on-one conversations with all of our staff about how they put together their classrooms," explains Stoesz. "The different things that they teach, how they approach the curriculum and those types of things, as well as the different activities available for the students in our school. They worked at getting that down in a really clear way across all the grade groups that we have from kindergarten all the way to Grade 12."

She says the idea for a revamped website was sparked following a discussion about ways to increase their engagement in the community. They decided that clear communication about what their students get up to throughout school days was the best way to start that conversation.

"It's an artistic-looking website," notes Stoesz. "It's got really cool pictures, and all of the pictures are of our people and our school. So, there's no stock images in the whole thing. That was a big goal that they had. You'll see real Westpark kids, real teachers, doing real things, when you look at our website."

Stoesz is also proud of the fact that the website redesign was completely volunteer driven. The website's URL is still westparkschool.com.