Warmer weather has many residents of Portage la Prairie excited to get out on Lake Manitoba to do some icefishing. One of those residents is Ray Braun.

Braun says the fishing this year has been slower than in years previous.

"The fishing has been okay, but you really have to work for it. There's quite a few commercial nets out there, so they're not just going to come to you every time, you gotta go look for them."

The recent change in weather is a cause for concern, and Braun notes that the ice changes a lot, so he urges everyone going on the lake to be cautious. 

"It's nice when it's a bit warmer but you have to be careful when you're driving out, because the ice can change from hour to hour. You could go out in the morning and be okay, but coming home, there could be a big crack, so you've got to slow down."

With the warmer forecast, be aware that the ice may not be as thick as you think it is. Portage Online recently reported on someone falling through the ice near Carman. You can find that story here.