Carman Dufferin Fire Chief Chris Lemky said an incident on the Boyne River last week prompted the department to put out a call for safety on social media. 

"Our understanding is that somebody was walking on the river in an undesignated walking path area. To our understanding, they did fall through the ice but were able to get themselves out and our understanding is they are doing ok.' 

Lemky cautioned those venturing onto the ice. 

"We just want to encourage people to stay on the designated pathway for walking on the river trail. They have people that are blowing a pathway currently and monitoring ice situations." 

This week is predicted to have warmer temperatures. 

"With the warmer weather, people are monitoring the ice thickness and watching for water forming on top of the ice. So, if they do get situations like that, they will close down the walking path."

Lemky had a word of advice for anyone who falls through the ice. 

"If you find yourself in that kind of situation, obviously, call out for help, but try and get your arms up on top of the ice and lay flat and put your head down on the ice. This should cause your feet to rise up and hopefully pull yourself out. And then, making sure you're staying flat, once you can get out and crawl off the ice. Not standing up again until you know it's safe."

He recognized the draw for people to get out and to enjoy the warm weather. 

"It's going to be really nice and definitely, the river trail and the walking path we have here in Carman is a really nice place to enjoy the good weather but being safe at the same time."