A rare breed of cattle is being raised in southern Manitoba.

Darryl Enns of Altona has about 30 Belted Galloways, which are black with a white band around the middle. The breed originates from southern Scotland. Enns got his from a location near Toronto.

He explained why he decided to raise this particular breed.

darryl enns
Darryl Enns

"We're finding we're getting a lot of marbling right into the steaks and the roasts because the animals are carrying a tremendous coat for the winter, so they don't make a thick layer of fat and they send the fat right into the meat."

The Belted Galloway is an official rare breed in Canada.

Enns commented on what it's like working with the animals.

"We're finding them extremely docile and they're very quiet to work with. They're extremely delicate in the working facilities and just extremely calm cattle."

Enns also raises about a dozen Scottish Highland cattle.