École Arthur Meighen is looking forward to the start of this year's school term as it moves into French only, or en Français, following the transition in the Portage School Division. 

Vice Principal Natalie Guimond-Low left École Crescentview School where she was recently been installed as Vice Principal, and she's being transferred with that same position along with Crescentview's principal Tracy Vanstone who is also retaining her role at the same school. She notes she's actually coming back to her former place of employment.


"I worked here for many years as a teacher from Grade 5 to Grade 8, and then I was here as an instructional coach," says Guimond-Low. "It feels like I'm coming home. I know the school well and I'm just looking forward to working with some of the staff that I've already worked with in this building, as well as the staff that I worked with last year. We're all coming together."

Guimond-Low explains they're thrilled to do their announcements and assemblies in French.

"We're excited to really grow our school climate in French," continues Guimond-Low. "We'll be using our French more during recess, and in the hallways. We're going to have so many opportunities to develop ourselves professionally in French and really work on those French skills. It can be challenging when the environment is primarily in English because we really need to work on building an environment where we all get to practice together. That's not easy when the first language in our community is English. So, we have to build opportunities amongst ourselves to practice."


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