United Way was recently relaunched under a new title, and they've been all over the region keeping busy.

Community Engagement Coordinators of United Way in Central Plains, Megan Romphf and Kathryn Dalton, reflected on their impactful journey in the community.

Kicking off in September, the organization celebrated successful events like Coats for Kids, Fright at the Museum, and the Festival of Lights Parade. 

"We have been so busy in the Community," Dalton expresses. "We are really enjoying all of the outpouring of support from community members and our partner agencies. It's been such a great way to start with the United Way in Central Plains." 

Looking ahead, the United Way has exciting plans, including a Community Fun Lunch on February 16th, and the Mental Health Youth Summit with Communities Backing Youth Futures. The Touchdown event in April will honour volunteers and announce community partners for the year.

Future initiatives include a summer service program for youth, and a Tools for School program providing school supplies. They're also launching a Financially Enabling Young Adults program with Homestead Co-op.

In September, a unique kickoff event is planned, promising exciting announcements and partnerships. 

The United Way emphasized the importance of volunteers, inviting individuals to join their efforts. Gratitude was expressed to supporters, including corporate donors, for making their programs possible. 

"Without the support of our corporate donors, our event sponsors and really anybody who comes in and makes a donation to the United Way," Dalton shares. "Whether that's through payroll deductions with your employer or mailing in a check or stopping by for a coffee or tea and a donation, we appreciate all of it. Know that your your dollars do go very far in this community, we make sure of it. Any funds that are raised in the Central Plains area stay in the Central Plains area, and if you have questions about that, we are very open to discussing how we can designate your donor dollars to the funds that matter most to you." 

Community members can stay updated through the United Way's Facebook page, where event details and important updates are shared.