After several months of negotiations and workers across the province walking the picket line, the strike involving Manitoba Public Insurance employees has finally come to an end.

Wednesday night, workers voted to ratify a deal meaning the dispute, which lasted more than two months, has come to an end.

According to the Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU), which represents those who were on strike, the offer from MPI included 13 percent in total wage increases over four years.

The workers had been on strike since late August, when the previous Progressive Conservative government was still in office. The job action impacted a variety of services including driver testing and claims assessments.

MPI's offer also included a one-time lump sum signing bonus of $1,800 for full-time employees that will be pro-rated for part-time staff. 

Monday marked the start of the 10th week of strike action, making it one of the lengthiest in the history of the MGEU. A return-to-work plan is being finalized and the plan is to hopefully have members back on the job by Friday.


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