The Portage Terriers are warming up for their annual Ukrainian Night on Friday when the Selkirk Steelers come to town. Cody Buhler, the Terriers' marketing director, explains what led the organization to do a Ukrainian Night in the beginning.

"A couple years ago, when the war started in Ukraine, we wanted to find a way that we could show our support to the Ukrainian community here in Portage, and for the number of people who have come into our community from Ukraine. So, we started Ukrainian Night, it went over really well, and so, it's something that we wanted to continue again this year."

Buhler notes, there will be some special events and additions to that game, including changes to the concession's menu.

"We're going to be singing the Ukrainian anthem and the Canadian anthem beforehand. We're also going to be serving up a Ukrainian special in the canteen, some periogies and sausage, so make sure to pick that up. And then, we're also going to be doing some different games during the night, so it should be a lot of fun."

Tickets for the game are available to buy in person at the Stride Place box office, or online at