The city of Portage la Prairie is forecasted to be nearing the end of some unprecedented weather for this time of year. With the warm weather, snow and ice have been melting across the city at an alarming rate, which has caused water to pour into the streets, flooding some corners and portions of streets in the city.

Superintendent of Public Works, Brian Taylor, says the city is working on getting water cleared, but there are things they are trying to avoid.

"We're basically in a first, it started in January and it's continuing now. Normally we don't like opening drains at all at this time of year because all the lines freeze solid, and that makes for a really messy spring."

Taylor notes that this does not mean they aren't trying to clear the water. He shares what they are doing to get water off the streets.

"We're pulling water off of roadways, and we are poking holes, we're moving snow from the curbs to try and get water flowing the way it's supposed to flow." He adds, "We're taking this on a day-to-day basis, and as it looks here, come Friday, everything is going to be frozen and stop."

Taylor emphasizes that anyone who sees problems with water can call the operations department and let the department know their problem, and the department will assist with those problems as soon as possible. 

To phone the operations department, call (204) 239-8346.