Members of the Portage Terriers are grateful to be given the opportunity to set a good example for their community.

Defenceman and local prospect Kian Calder is one of the five Terriers participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Central Plains' Big Play program. The weekly event allows boys on the BBBS waitlist to play floor hockey alongside some of the Terriers.

"Cody (Buhler) shot me a text, talking about BBBS wanting to do a program playing floor hockey," explains Calder. "Immediately, I was interested. Last year they did it as well. My brother was part of that program, so I just wanted to hop right into that."

He says the kids have been having a blast throughout the first few meetings. The program runs for four more weeks and will take place on Tuesday evenings. Those playing would get to play with Calder, as well as Austin Peters, Hayden Lacquette, Michael Stubbs, and Noah Wagner.

"So far, it's been awesome," says Calder when asked about working with BBBS. "It's a great program. Dawn Froese, who works with us, is a very nice person, so that makes things easier for us."

Calder notes he'd be open to working with BBBS again after Big Play wraps up if the opportunity arises.

To learn more about BBBS and Big Play, click here.