Poverty can be an issue for Portage la Prairie, and the Tamarack Institution hopes to make it a thing of the past.

The Portage Rotary Club welcomed Maureen Owens from the Tamarack Institute so she could talk about some of the ways they fight poverty in the city. Owens points out two main factors for poverty in Portage.

"Some of the risk factors for poverty and Portage are the number of lone-parent families," explains Owens. "There's also a high high school dropout rate in Portage."

She adds they focus on what's called upstream work. You'll find the Tamarack Institute concentrating on long-term solutions, looking to eradicate poverty rather than alleviate it.

"You can go to our website or contact the PCRC if you're interested in what we do," notes Owens. "There's a lot of free resources, webinars, publications on our website that people can access."

The Tamarack Institute has created programs designed to help students stay in school, such as their Roving Campus.