The Central Plains is Thunderstorm Alley this week, as heavy rain has fallen throughout the area over the past few days.

The municipality of North Norfolk has declared a state of local emergency as the Town of Austin flooded overnight. Residents east of Austin, including MacGregor, are told to be aware of the possibility of rushing water in ditches, creeks and overland as well.

Anyone with a washed out road should contact the office to make a report if their access to their home is cut off. Residents in both Austin and MacGregor are asked to keep their municipal sewer use to a minimum to avoid backing up into basements.

Local weather observer, Henry Romance, says he recorded 84.8 millimetres near Austin and 62.6 millimetres near Bagot, while Cindy in MacGregor reported their station showed 65.27 millimetres.

We reached out to other listeners to see what they recorded, and Marissa reported 4 and 3/4 inches of rain -- or approximately 119 millimetres -- in her rain gauge south of Austin. 

In Portage la Prairie, Romance recorded 10.4 millimetres during last night's storm, as thunder could be heard from 11:15 p.m. until just after midnight. He reported 14.1 millimetres in Gladstone and 18.1 in Lakeland.

After this rainy weather today and tomorrow (a further 10 to 20mm), we are expecting a few sunny and dry days, with the temperature spiking on Sunday to the mid-to-high 30's. You can read more on the forecast here.