There appears to be no relief on the way for the high gas prices we, the consumers, face, and as our bills at the pump continue to rise, so does frustration.

According to CAA, Manitobans are paying the third least amount by province for their gas at 207.4/L.

Carrie Bazin of Saint Claude says things are getting out of hand.

"I drive every day to Portage, and it's just getting absolutely ridiculous. Like, I'm putting $50 in now, and it won't even get me half a tank in my car."

Bazin notes what she has heard her coworkers talk about.

"I've had people at work who live a little further away than me who have said, 'There's almost no point in driving this far to go to work.' You kind of want to find something closer."

Bazin says while she and others are left without a choice but to pay for gas, it's not anyone's definition of fun, especially when you factor in the price inflation affecting groceries.

Karis Wiebe from Portage talks about her family's experience with the high prices at the pump.

"We travel to the city (Winnipeg) a lot, my husband has a diesel truck, and it's obviously really expensive. It's like $140 for his for one trip to Winnipeg and back. You definitely don't just drive around anymore."

Wiebe adds that the gas price is also influencing her 17-year-old son, who wants to buy a car but might not be able to, with the price of insurance on top of gas being at a record high.

Jim, from Portage, although not in favour of high gas prices, took a neutral approach.

"It is what it is, and I'm not going to buy a horse."

Adam Tully from High Bluff says that his family is starting to see a pinch.

Tully shares that he has to kill an hour each day in Portage instead of making the drive back and forth due to the price of gas and his schedule not perfectly lining up with his daughters.

"It would be easier just to drive back and forth, but we have to waste time to pick up the kids."

The High Bluff resident notes that their family was planning a week-long vacation to Calgary this summer, but high prices have made his family rethink the length of the trip.

In a time of such division in society, the lack of enthusiasm for high gas prices seems to be something we can all agree on.