Those who are unsure about getting back on Crescent Lake for a skate have nothing to worry about, according to those at Skating on the Crescent.

Committee member Christine Verwey says a side-by-side partially fell through the ice just over a week ago. She mentions that nobody was injured, including the driver of the side-by-side.

“It went about eight inches into the water and then actually landed on some more ice underneath,” explains Verwey. “He very easily backed out and got off the lake with no issues.”

She adds people looking to skate should stay away from the area as it’s now weaker due to the cracks. Verwey says this past week was a good time to experience the cold snap, giving the lake time to freeze a little more.

“Moving forward, this weekend, we're going to start clearing the ice again and getting ready to flood for the Rotary Pond Hockey Championships coming up February 10-12,” says Verwey.

Verwey doesn’t believe they’ll be able to fix up the area around where the side-by-side fell through, as it would now be too choppy, so they’ve set up barricades, so those on the ice don’t get too close. Verwey notes, however, there’s still more than enough space for skaters to enjoy themselves.