A 29-year-old driver will be answering to a number of charges after a dangerous Saturday afternoon drive.

This past Saturday just before 1 p.m., an RCMP officer was patrolling Highway 1 near Portage la Prairie and observed a vehicle approaching, from behind at a high rate of speed. The vehicle would eventually pass the police cruiser and the radar would record a speed of 170 km/h in the 110 km/h zone. The officer would pull the vehicle over and it was quickly discovered more laws were being broken than just speeding.

The driver was impaired and also had an expired license to go along with open alcohol in the vehicle. The speeder was then arrested for Impaired Operation of a vehicle while being fined $835 for speeding, $298 for driving with an expired license, and $237 for open alcohol. He will also need to fork over towing fees and the vehicle will be impounded for 90 days. There will also be a serious offense notice that will require a meeting with MPI before a license would be issued again.