The RM of St. François Xavier will see new rural water pipelines after an announcement made by the province last Friday.

Many dignitaries were in Portage la Prairie as then municipal relations minister Eileen Clarke made the approximate $100 million investment into eight municipal projects for Rural Manitoba. RM of St. François Xavier Reeve Delmer Nott was very happy to be at the announcement.

"It is absolutely huge. It is a blessing for the municipality," says Reeve Nott. "We've been working with the government for a number of years now to see this to fruition. They've made this great announcement. They're looking after rural water, and it'll benefit our community a lot. The good thing is, we have that plan in place, and we have the people, staff and the administration, to ensure that it's followed through to completion."

Reeve Nott knows they are not done pushing for government support on other projects. Earlier this year, he brought up the need to have Highway 26 fixed. For now, they will celebrate the success of this project.

"The government coming to the table like this, with this announcement, really reinforces the efforts that we have put into it," says Nott. "The government recognizing the need for this community and the need for water going forward, it's absolutely wonderful. We've been heard and we've been answered, and now we'll go forward."