More work is being done in the Municipality of Macdonald on outdoor recreation facilities and trails in La Salle.

A master plan for the project was released at the meeting held earlier this month. Reeve Brad Erb says the people in the RM want more to do outside, and that's why they've made this a priority for their council.

"Beyond that, we dug in a little deeper, and we were doing a trails and pathways master plan. It's an absolute amenity that the community wants and has," says Erb. "So, we're pretty excited about the unveiling and the adoption of the plan. Quite a bit of it has actually been implemented already. So, we're just going to build on that and use that as our template when we do future development."

He says La Salle and Oak Bluff are growing rapidly, and they are thinking ahead. During the pandemic, it was highlighted that the La Salle River is such an asset to the community. He calls the river an underutilized resource from a recreational perspective. 

"In the last two or three years, there's been a huge increase in the use of the river," says Erb. "We went as far as to purchase some equipment, and we're now making trails, winter pathways, and skating trails, and the community is doing it, as well. They take it upon themselves to do it."

On the master plan, you will see wilderness trails, a boat launch, a canoe and kayak launch point, as well as walkways near Rainbow Bridge, Kingswood Bridge and more.

You can read more on that meeting here.

Council will get together for their regular meeting tomorrow (Tuesday.)