It was a season about development for the U18 AAA female Central Plains Capitals. The team's record wasn't quite as pretty as they hoped it would be at the beginning of the year but the progress they made from October to February was more than evident. 

Goaltender Elyse Denbow believes she'll be a much better player now having this season under her belt.

"We knew going into this season we were going to be a young team, and we were going to have to work harder than most teams. We had a lot of rookies on our team," Denbow continues. "I was out for a good month with injury, and that was hard. When I got back, just playing in the games was great. Even though we didn't win most of our games this season. I think we still had a good team and a good bond."

The Capitals were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the first-seed Westman Wildcats but they didn't go down without a fight. Central Plains brought their A+ game in Game 1, and Denbow had the performance of a lifetime. The Plumas product stopped 79 shots in a 3-2 overtime loss. 

Denbow says she'll remember that game forever.

"After the game was really great. When I finally realized I stopped that many shots, it was crazy," Denbow explains. "When we went upstairs after getting dressed, the other team's parents were all there, and I know some of the girls, so they were all very supportive. It was just a great feeling to know I had that good of a game. It's crazy to think it's even possible to get that many shots in a game. It's fun to look back at and just think about how I actually did that."

The Capitals are sad to say goodbye to graduating players Kaleigh Solinski, Tereza Roulette, Kamryn Cloet, and team captain Phoenix Fries. The team is encouraged by how many players they will have returning next season. 

Denbow, who has two more years of eligibility with the Caps, outlines her goals going forward.

"For this offseason, I'm hoping to get invited to (Team Manitoba's) Top 68 Camp. Next year hopefully, our team can build off this year and get a bit higher in the standings. Hopefully, in my third year, we'll look to do well in the playoffs and maybe get a chance at the finals."

Liberty Aime ended the season as the team's leader in scoring, with 16 points. Courtney Dupuis was Central Plains' top goal scorer, finding the back of the net eight times.