As the snow melts away, Garth Asham, Councillor for Ward One in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Portage la Prairie, reflects on the winter season and the condition of the RM's roads. 

"We're pretty happy with how our roads are right now," Asham shares. "It's dusty and our public works crew will be attending to some of the roads. There's always roads that, for some reason, the gravel is absorbed by the road, but with the winter we had, and the dryness of everything, other than the dust, our roads are in pretty good condition. We're pretty proud of how they came through the winter."

Asham emphasizes the council's commitment to maintaining roads and drainage systems, especially for agricultural producers and commuters between rural and urban areas. He hopes for balanced weather to keep roads safe without causing damage.

"We're always looking to have our AG producers have good roads to travel on," Asham explains. "That's always a key concern for us as a council, to have those roads in proper shape for our AG producers to travel on plus other traffic, there's a lot of people now who live in the country and work in town so they travel the roads every day."

Residents spotting road issues are encouraged to contact their councillor or the RM office promptly for resolution. As a councillor, Asham prioritizes community safety and well-being, striving to maintain a positive outlook and address concerns promptly.

"We wish for the best for everybody in the RM for the summer and as the seasons progress here, we will do our best to keep a positive outlook for all of us that live in the RM. All the councillors live in the RM, so we have the same concerns."