The Red River continues to rise as water from the U.S. moves northward, with the crest is expected from Emerson to the Red River Floodway inlet between today and Friday. According to the Manitoba Hydrologic Forecast Centre's Sunday report, River levels rose just less than half a foot yesterday from Emerson to Morris.

Most tributaries in the basin have peaked or are near their peak. Some tributaries are experiencing higher levels due to backwater impacts from the Red River and will begin to decline once the peak passes on the Red River.

The flood protection level of community dikes and the individual flood protection works in the Red River basin are higher than the predicted flood levels and are expected to protect communities and properties in the region. There are currently no Provincial dike closures in place, and no further closures are expected with the current forecasted levels.

A Flood Warning remains in effect for much of the Red, as well as the Roseau River and Main near Dominion City.

Meanwhile, a Flood Warning has been issued for Rock Lake in the Pembina River basin. As for the river itself, the risk of flooding remains low for the Pembina River. 

A Flood Watch remains in effect for Buffalo Creek.