What goes up when May rain comes down? An umbrella...

Justin Shelley, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says we have an area of precipitation moving through the southern part of the province for the next couple of days.

"We will see a low-pressure system move into the area overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning. That's when we should see more precipitation move into specifically the Portage region and other portions of southern Manitoba."

He says we should see a break from the moisture on the weekend, but the weather will remain relatively unsettled.

"By early next week, we will see more precipitation move into the region. In terms of total amounts, with this rain through the end of the week, we could see upwards of 20 to even 30mm of rainfall by the time it wraps up on Friday night."

Shelley emphasizes that with the prevalent drought conditions, this precipitation is a much-needed relief. It's not just rain; it's a lifeline for our parched lands.

"After the winter and spring deficits we're seeing, not just in the region but across the prairies, any additional precipitation would be most welcome."

He adds that there is a chance of some sunshine on the weekend, but we should expect some drowsy days for the next little while. However, Shelley does expect things to warm up starting on Sunday.

"It will be pretty rainy for the first couple of weeks to the month. Once we get through this system by the end of the week, we will get a bit of a break for the weekend, and then we'll be right back into some rain for early next week."