$220 million from the province is going toward infrastructure in some Manitoba parks. Nearby Spruce Woods Provincial Park is one of them.

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt and Transportation Minister Doyle Piwniuk announced today.

"Manitobans care deeply about their provincial parks and have shared how important it is to increase investments in park infrastructure," said Nesbitt. "Our bold plan prioritizes projects that enhance recreational opportunities and protect our precious ecosystems."

It's the Manitoba Provincial Parks Infrastructure Renewal Strategy and a 50 per cent increase in yurts, more campsites with electrical service, enhanced interactive experiences along with improved services, and access to nature in each of the 20 busiest provincial parks will be provided.

Two streams will invest $121 million in parks infrastructure and $103 million roadway renewal within and around provincial parks over the next 10 years.

Short- and long-term investments to infrastructure will increase park capacity for yurts by up to 4,500 night stays annually, develop trails and boat launches, and enhance climate resiliency and environmental protection with water and wastewater upgrades.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Spruce Woods Provincial Park: new campground bay development, group use campsite electrification, surface upgrades to PTH 5 from PTH 2 to 15 kilometres north of PTH 2;
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park: replacement of the Nutimik Museum, reconstruction of the West Hawk Lake seawall, Mantario Trail amenity upgrades, surface upgrades to the Trans-Canada Highway at the Manitoba-Ontario border, and structure rehabilitation on the Trans-Canada Highway at Provincial Road (PR) 301 Falcon Lake Access, PR 301 Overpass Falcon Lake Road, and Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 44 at West Hawk Lake;
  • Birds Hill Provincial Park: Fox Bay campsite upgrades, Lakeview Trail upgrades;
  • Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park: Gull Harbour campsite electrification, minor structure rehabilitation on PTH 8 at the Hecla causeway;
  • Asessippi Provincial Park: new yurt village, upgrades to PR 482 leading to park entrance;
  • Bakers Narrows Provincial Park: new energy and water-efficient washroom and shower building at campground;
  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park: yurt expansion at Childs Lake, culvert replacement on PR 367 at Garland Creek;
  • Grand Beach Provincial Park: East Beach washroom replacement; and
  • Paint Lake Provincial Park: campground washroom building replacement, wastewater lagoon assessment and upgrade, surface upgrades to PR 375 from PTH 6.

"Our government is committed to enhancing the overall experience for visitors to our provincial parks and campgrounds and this includes ensuring safe travel and welcome arrival," says Piwniuk. "Important investments in infrastructure such as roads and highways leading to and within our parks will help enhance the experience for visitors, now and into the future."

The ministers noted the plan will be flexible and responsive to address visitor expectations and shifting priorities, as identified in ongoing public engagement opportunities.

In addition, the Manitoba government is investing almost $200 million to restore and rehabilitate provincial infrastructure damaged throughout Manitoba from the spring 2022 flood event. Projects in and surrounding provincial parks include a bridge replacement at Drunken River near Silver Harbour (north of Gimli), and others.

"Manitoba’s provincial parks are identified as a significant opportunity within the Manitoba Tourism Strategy, which is Travel Manitoba’s road map to grow Manitoba’s tourism industry," says Colin Ferguson, president and CEO, Travel Manitoba. "Particularly now with the investment announced today by the Manitoba government, there is an opportunity to showcase the great experiences available to park visitors to increase visitation not only from within the province but also from the international tourism market."

The full list of projects can be found at https://www.gov.mb.ca/nrnd/parks/parks-strategy.html.

More information on planned Department of Transportation and Infrastructure capital projects can be found in the 2023 Multi-year Infrastructure Investment Strategy at www.manitoba.ca/mit/myhis/index.html or by viewing the projects map at www.manitoba.ca/mit/mipmap/map.html.