The Manitoba Government is hoping to keep future trade workers safe by ensuring that they're being monitored.

Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced that the government was re-instating the ratio after the previous government removed the system. Premier Wab Kinew's government believes this will increase safety and proper training.

"We are proud to restore the 1:1 apprenticeship ratio," says Moses. "High-quality training, with the highest possible safety standards, is good for industry, good for our province and it means more Manitobans coming home safely at the end of a shift." 

The 1:1 ratio was introduced after Michael Skanderberg passed away while working unsupervised.

"Premier Kinew promised our family he would restore the 1:1 ratio and we're delighted that he has kept this promise," adds Cindy Skanderberg, Michael's mother. "Our family vowed there would never be another story like Michael's and when the 1:1 ratio was removed we fought to keep working people safe. It feels good to know Premier Kinew's government values the lives of workers." 

In addition to the 1:1 regulation, there will be trade-specific regulations for all 55 trades. Special considerations will be given in certain situations, such as rural and northern communities.